Your guide to the best sunglasses for your holiday

Whether you’re hitting the beach or the bush on your next holiday, one thing you’ll definitely want to throw in your luggage – or have on hand if you’re holidaying at home – is a pair of good-quality sunglasses. When it comes to protecting your eyes from harsh sunlight, it’s important to know the difference between UV protective sunglasses and polarised sunglasses:

So what type of sunglasses will you need? We spoke to the Bupa Optical product team to get their tips and recommendations from Bupa’s extensive range of brands.

The road trip

Hitting the highway? Glare protection is key. A polarised lens is best for reducing the glare off the road’s surface. However polarised lenses can make it challenging to see the screen on your dashboard, so if you’re not a polarised fan, another option is to get a dark tint to reduce the brightness of the sun.

Product team’s pick: Ray-Ban

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The snow adventure

If ‘icy cold’ is your preferred holiday temperature, shielding your eyes against glare from the snow and direct sun is crucial. It’s important to get great protection, so choose a pair that fits close to the face to reduce the glare sneaking in the sides. You’ll also need lenses that provide clarity and make your vision really sharp.

Product team’s pick: Oakley Prizms

The bush excursion

If going bush is on the agenda, you’ll probably be working up a sweat with walks and perhaps even bike rides. You need sunglasses which are lightweight and will sit comfortably on your face. Look for those that fit snugly around your ears, perhaps with a rubberised tip or nose pad so they don’t fall off. Don’t forget about UV protection – any category 2 or 3 sunglass will do the job.

Product team’s pick: Nike

The staycation

Holidaying at home? No doubt you’ll be popping out from time to time, so having a pair of sunglasses that will stand up to being taken on and off is a must.

If you’re particularly susceptible to glare, choose glasses with a dark tint, but if not, a very light tint will work great.

Product team’s picks: Tiffany or Calvin Klein

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Top tip: Contact lenses will create more glare, so if you wear contacts it’s a good idea to choose sunglasses with a dark tint. 

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