New to hearing aids?

Are you considering, or just starting to wear hearing aids?

You’ll probably notice that things sound different. This is because, over time, you might have missed out on many sounds. Now, with the help of hearing aids, you’ll notice many of those sounds are back.

It's a change that can lead to a range of emotions. It might be overwhelming at first, but nonetheless exciting now that you’ve taken control of your hearing. With a little perseverance, you'll adjust easily and appreciate the renewed world of sound around you.

The importance of a hearing test

Before diving into the world of hearing aids, it's crucial to get your hearing checked by a qualified healthcare professional. Booking a hearing assessment through the link below, is the first step to understanding your hearing needs. Bupa customers are eligible for a free 60 minute comprehensive hearing assessment with our partner, Amplifon. So it’s easy to take that first step!

Choosing the right hearing aid

As part of your hearing assessment, our partner Amplifon will guide you through choosing the hearing aids that suit best (if you need them!).

Having suitable devices can make a world of difference in your journey to improved hearing. With various options available, consider factors like your lifestyle, hearing needs, and personal preferences.

Taking it step by step

Once you’ve received your hearing aids, it's all about adjusting. Not surprisingly, the more frequently you wear your hearing aids, the faster you’ll get used to them.

Some people wear them all day from the start while others slowly increase their wear time day by day.

Take your time exploring different noise environments, starting with quieter settings and then venturing into noisier settings as you get more confident.

Discovering the world of sound

It won't be long before you notice sounds you might have missed:

  • The rustling of paper
  • The clinking of dishes
  • The soft hum of computers
  • The rhythmic ticking of car blinkers
  • The sound of footsteps on hard floors
  • The sounds of nature and the outdoors

These sounds might be surprising at first. But very soon, they'll become a regular part of your world.

Handling noisy environments

Loud places can be challenging, especially if you're new to hearing aids. But with a few tips, you can manage most setting with ease:

  • Stand with the noise behind you and focus on the person you're talking to – this is what the directional microphone will be doing
  • Use the 'Noise' setting on your hearing aids
  • Watch people's faces when they talk; it can help you lip-read focus and understand them better. We all lip-read subconsciously - it’s just those with hearing loss tend to do it better!

Remind yourself that restaurants and other social settings don't always have the best acoustics and even those with normal hearing find listening challenging in these environments. People frequently get hearing aids and wonder why they can't hear perfectly well in a noisy environment... sometimes it's just so noisy thateveryoneis battling!

Phone conversations with hearing aids

Thanks to bluetooth, most hearing aids can pair to your mobile phone. This doesn’t just offer high sound quality, but the added benefit of being able to talk on the phone hands-free.

Loud noises and your safety

Your hearing aids are designed to keep your ears safe. They’ll adjust to loud noises to ensure you're not unexpectedly startled. If certain sounds bother you, it's discuss this during your audiology appointment or follow-up.

Compare your existing hearing aid

If you already have a hearing aid but are considering an upgrade, it's essential to assess how you feel about your current device. Compare its features, functionality, and comfort level with the latest models available. We recommend having your hearing aids checked regularly by a professional.

Seeking further assistance

After some more help? Bupa customers can make a free appointment or book online for a hearing assessment through our partner, Amplifon.

We're here to help

If you have noticed changes to your hearing, or you're just curious, book in for your free hearing test.

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