Discussing hearing loss with loved ones

Hearing loss is much more common than you might think. Around 3.5 million Australians experience it, but it takes people an average of 7 years to take action from when they first notice symptoms1!

Just how glasses improve sight, hearing aids improve communication. And the sooner we get the right help, the sooner we can regain full enjoyment of life. So if you notice a friend or family member who might be struggling with hearing loss, use this article to start a conversation about it.

Starting the Conversation

Before you even begin talking, it’s essential to approach your loved one with empathy, sensitivity and understanding. You might like to ask the person if they’ve noticed issues rather than confronting them with what you think.

The Benefits of Addressing Hearing Loss

Addressing hearing loss isn’t just about improving the ability to hear – it’s about enhancing overall communication and connection to the world. Hearing aids can vastly improve interpersonal interactions, allowing people to participate fully in conversations and social activities. This will help reduce feelings of isolation and frustration. You might like to mention these positive impacts to your loved one.

Modern Solutions

Today’s hearing aids are advanced, user-friendly devOne of the limitations facing your loved one might be their beliefs about how hearing aids look. Let them know that today’s hearing aids are advanced, user-friendly devices designed to cater to various lifestyles and preferences. They are discrete, comfortable, and customisable (so they can adjust the settings according to their needs). With high level noise reduction and directional microphone technology, hearing in groups and places with background noise can be made much easier. Addressing hearing loss has never been more accessible and convenient.

Breaking the Stigma

Having open conversations about hearing health can break the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing aids. That way, seeking help is seen as a positive step. Normalising hearing loss creates a more inclusive and understanding society where everyone feels heard and valued.

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1. Australian Government Department of Health. (2019). Hearing health in Australia. Retrieved from Department of Health website.