The future of hearing: Beyond sound

Today's hearing aids do more than just amplify sound. With cutting-edge technology, they're now smart devices that offer a wide range of features. From reducing wind noise to turning into wireless stereo headphones, the advancements are truly impressive.

If you use smart home features, some advanced hearing aids can even integrate with this (so you can control your lights or get notified when someone's at your doorstep).

Lost your hearing aid? For many devices, there's an app to track it down. For the latest in hearing technology, book an appointment below with our hearing partner, Amplifon.

Innovations to enhance your hearing experience

Modern hearing aids come packed with features that make life not just clearer, but also more convenient. Here's a few of them (features are subject to the hearing aid's specifications:

  • Wireless connectivity: Stream your favourite tunes or movies directly from your smartphone. It's like having a personal concert anytime, anywhere
  • Personalised settings: Customise your hearing experience. Save settings for different locations like home, work, or a café, and your hearing aids will adjust automatically
  • Noise management: Say goodbye to the jarring noise of clattering dishes or the howl of the wind. Advanced noise reduction ensures you hear only what you want to
  • Smart home integration: Imagine your lights turning on as you switch on your hearing aids or getting notified when your laundry's done. With smart device connectivity, the possibilities are endless
  • Amplifon app: This app offers unparalleled control. Learn about it in the section below.

Empower your hearing with the Amplifon smartphone app

Take charge of your hearing aids with the smartphone app. This puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to adjust volume, select listening programs for diverse noise environments, and personalise streaming volume and sound settings. Create and save customised programs, locate lost hearing aids with the Find My Hearing Aid feature, and access a wealth of hearing health resources through the Knowledge Centre.

Booking your journey to better hearing

If any of these features intrigue you and you want to know more about an upgrade, or if you've been contemplating getting your hearing checked, book an appointment with a qualified healthcare professional today.

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