The benefits of anti-reflective lenses

Anti-reflective lenses have a coating (sometimes referred to as an AR coating, multicoat or anti-glare coating) which reduces the amount of light that reflects off your lenses. Essentially, it allows more light to pass through your lenses to your eye, giving you clearer vision.

Is it worth the upgrade?

Yes – everyone can benefit from anti-reflective lenses, particularly if you find yourself looking at your devices for long hours or driving regularly at night.

Give your eyes a break

An AR coating on your lenses can ease eye strain by reducing reflections to make your vision clearer. If you spend hours in front of a computer screen or on devices such as phones or iPads - particularly at night before bed - you may wish to choose an AR coating that also filters blue light.

What does vision with anti-reflective lenses look like?

Click and drag the image below to see how anti-reflective lenses can change your vision.

Driving at night with confidence

You may experience a ‘halo’ effect around street lights or car headlights when driving at night. An AR coating can help this problem by virtually eliminating the reflections from your lenses.

Good news for sunglasses wearers

An AR coating will help to prevent sunlight from reflecting into your eyes when the sun is behind you. This can help if you tend to experience those annoying reflections or ‘ghost’ images when wearing sunglasses.

Easier to keep clean

AR lenses these days are treated so they repel water - and they also resist water spots forming, which means you’ll spend less time removing those pesky smears and fingerprints. Just ensure you use lens cleaning products suitable for coated lenses, so you don’t damage the surface.

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