Foggy glasses? Here’s our 5 tips on how to wear face masks with glasses

Wearing a face mask takes some getting used to, but if you wear glasses there’s the added frustration of foggy lenses.

Warm breath and cool winter air is the perfect recipe for steamy glasses, and wearers are constantly having to wipe the moisture from the inside of their glasses.

We share five easy tips to help reduce foggy glasses.

1. Create a seal

Most disposable masks have a metal or plastic strip at the top which can be bent to fit the bridge of your nose - ensure this strip is fitting firmly and securely.

Put your glasses on over the top of the mask to secure it against your face. This prevents the warm air escaping and misting your lenses.

2. Improvise if your mask is too big

If your mask is too big you can try putting a tissue folded horizontally under the top of the mask, across the bridge of your nose and cheeks. This may improve the fit of the mask and even absorb some of the warm air from your nose and mouth. You could also try using surgical tape across the top of the mask to secure it to your face.

3. Dry soap rub or anti-fog spray

A handy hack is to rub a bar of dry soap over the front and back of your lenses. Then gently clean them using a soft cloth. The soap leaves a thin film on the lenses, which creates a barrier stopping the fog from forming.

There are also a range of anti-fog sprays and sticks available, which also create a thin film on your lenses to reduce fog build-up. These can be found at pharmacies and sports stores where bikes and motorcycles are sold.

4. Make sure your glasses fit well

It’s important your glasses fit well to help hold the seal at the top of your mask. If they are loose it can be hard to create a seal and your glasses will continue to fog up.

The team at Bupa Optical can make any adjustments to ensure a perfect fit

5. Wear contact lenses

A great way to beat foggy glasses is to wear contact lenses. If you’ve never worn them before, book a contact lens fit to see if they’re right for you.

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