3 ways to change your look with glasses

Want a fresh way to make a style statement? Changing up your glasses can transform your look.

Your glasses have a very important function, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. In fact, glasses can be used to make a style statement, highlight your best features or convey aspects of your personality.

In the same way you choose shoes or a handbag to match your look, having more than one pair of glasses on hand – ideally, in different styles of frame – can give you options to complete the look for the day.

We asked the Bupa Optical product team for tips on style transformations through eyewear.

Coloured frames

A bold-coloured frame can help you stand out, while softer colours can add a feminine touch to your look. The best choice will partly depend on your complexion – for example, blush colours can flatter some complexions, while bold reds or blacks with green or blue shining through work well on brunettes. Ask Bupa Optical staff if you need guidance.

Personality statement

If you think wearing glasses makes you look smarter, you’re probably right – that’s a common impression of glasses-wearers. You can use this to your advantage in the workplace by choosing glasses that create a serious look, or that convey aspects of your personality you want to highlight. A thick black plastic frame is another great way to make a bold statement, as opposed to a fine metal frame which is less noticeable.

Frame shape

Ever seen someone whose glasses just didn’t suit them? Chances are, their eyewear wasn’t right for their face shape. Here are the Bupa Optical product team’s tips for the four main face forms:

Square faces – A narrow frame with angular features will soften the look on your face.

Round faces – Angular square or rectangle frames will really work for you.

Oval faces – Most oval faces can wear almost anything but go for something that is a little wider than your face to get a great look.

Heart-shaped faces – A cat’s eye or something that is a little wider than your forehead will create a great look.

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