Prescription Info

Understanding your prescription
Your prescription can be written in different ways. Here is a short explanation as to how to interpret your prescription. This will help you in ordering correctly online.
Of course, we are always happy to help you, so please contact us if you would like further assistance.

The Right and Left The right eye may be written as right, R, RE or OD. The left eye may be written as left, L, LE or OS.

The Sphere power is the first number in the prescription. It is usually a + (plus) or - (minus) number, but can be 0.00 (or plano, pl, or just left blank).

The Cylinder power is the second number in the prescription. It is not included in every prescription. If included, it is usually a - (minus) number.

The Cylinder Axis is The third part of the prescription is the cylinder axis. If there is a cyl included in the prescription, the cyl power will be followed by an ‘x’ then a number. This is the cylinder axis.

Add Add is the additional power, added on to the sphere power, to give the reading prescription for those who need it.