Bupa Optical is partnering with EyeRising International, an Australian MedTech company who have developed a Myopia Management Repeated Low-level-Red-Light therapy. This innovative therapy has undergone clinical testing and has been proven to slow down the progression of childhood myopia. The Device is a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered Class IIa medical device (ARTG ID 412752). Below you will find, further information about the inital pilot program.

What is Myopia Management Repeated Low-Level-Red-Light therapy and how does it work?

There are several myopia management therapies currently available to short-sighted children. They each have varying degrees of success and their individual pros and cons. Repeated Low-level Red Light therapy is the newest myopia management therapy in Australia. It has been shown in some studies to have even higher success rates than the other currently available therapies. It's easy to use, non-invasive and has been registered as a TGA Class IIa medical device (ARTG ID 412752).

Learn more about the device and clinical trials

The device is easy to use and is controlled with a touchscreen and tracks each child’s use. It can also be monitored by parents who will receive weekly email reports and can also be accessed by your Optometrist.

Learn more about the process

The therapy program will initially be a 12-month pilot program. Prior to the start of the program, parents/guardians will need to agree to the terms of use for both Bupa and EyeRising. Details of the terms of use are available following discussions with your Optometrist.

During the 12 month period, there will be biometry checkpoints at various times throughout the year. Biometry is the measurement of the dimensions of the eyeball.

Your child will be required to complete a biometry measurement before they take the device home and commence their treatment. Measurements will be done again at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and then 12 months, or as recommended by your Optometrist. At the biometry follow up appointments, your Optometrist will be able to measure how well your child is responding to the treatment. At the end of the 12 month period, your Optometrist will advise if any ongoing treatment with the device or other therapies will be required.

Please note, travel may be required for biometry measurement appointments. Biometry is currently only available at our Chatswood, Doncaster and Mt Gravatt stores.


The total therapy program costs $1,800 (inc GST) for 12 months.

·      This amount can be paid upfront at your first appointment.

·      At the end of the program, you may be eligible to receive $200 when you return the device, as long as it is in good working order and is returned in its original packaging.

·      If you have two or more children that you’d like to register for the program, you may be eligible to receive a 50% discount on the program for each additional sibling. Speak to your Optometrist if this applies to you.