Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson) Contact Lenses Order Delay

Supply Issues and Delays

Johnson & Johnson are continuing to face global supply issues, causing product delays across the world, including all Australian optical retailers. We are working closely with our partners at Johnson & Johnson daily to expedite orders wherever possible.

To our customers whose prescribed contact lenses are impacted, we understand this is disappointing and want to thank you for your patience during this uncertain time. We will continue to keep you updated via email, SMS or call.


Options for Impacted Customers

If you need your contact lenses sooner, we recommend making an appointment with one of our Optometrists in-store, who can help with a complimentary refit to recommend an alternative lens type. If you're unable to make it in-store we can assist with a refit via a virtual appointment^.

  • Book a complimentary refit appointment in-store by clicking HERE
  • Book a complimentary virtual refit appointment^ by calling 03 7042 0267

Note all booking fees will be waived for Johnson & Johnson refit appointments, while products remain on backorder.


^Virtual refit appointment disclaimer:

Virtual refit appointments are managed by our Mornington store, located in Victoria. When booking, please provide your primary phone number. Your optometrist will call this number at the scheduled appointment time. It's important to note that the appointment will be conducted over the phone, and customers are not required to participate in a video call.

A virtual refit appointment does not substitute for an in-person contact lens consultation. Our optometrist will make recommendations based upon the information available at the time of the virtual consultation and is dependent on the information you share with our optometrist.  Reliance on these recommendations in the future may be impacted if your circumstances change after we make those recommendations. Participation in the consultation will be subject to the customer agreeing to follow recommendations and instructions provided by our optometrist during the consultation and afterwards. If your needs or circumstances change, or you have any concerns about your contact lenses, please speak to your optometrist.