Do you have the right prescription?

If you need help seeing clearly, you’re in good company - nearly half of all Australians wear glasses or contacts. But since our vision changes over time, the prescription you had at your last eye test may not be right for today.

How often will my prescription change?

Naturally, your eyesight changes over your lifetime. It could be a result of medical conditions like diabetes, glaucomacataracts or high blood pressure, eye-related issues like short-sightedness, or the typical age-related changes. The best way to check in? An eye test every two years.

“The anatomy of the eye typically changes from birth onwards, so your prescription is likely to change as well,” says Bupa optometrist Karen Makin. “It doesn’t happen for everybody, but it does for most people, especially once you’re over 40.”

How often should I take my kids for an eye test?

It’s a good idea to take the kids for a test before they start school, and then make sure they’re having check-ups every year. If they end up needing glasses or contacts, the optometrist can let you know when they’ll need to come back in for a review.

I don’t think my prescription is right for me

This can be an easy fix. Wearing the wrong glasses for you might be uncomfortable but it doesn’t damage your eyes. That said, for your safety and better quality of life, it’s a good idea to drop into your optometrist and have a prescription review.

If you have any changes in your vision between visits, and you’re getting physical symptoms like blurry vision, headaches or eye strain, let your optometrist know.

We're here to help

Speak to your optometrist if you have any questions about your prescription or book an appointment today.