Lady sitting outside in the sun

We’ve all heard of Transitions glasses – but did you know there are Transitions contact lenses as well?

Photochromic sunglasses have been around for years. As you’ve probably seen in action, these darken in the sun and lighten when you’re indoors so you don’t need to buy separate pairs of glasses.

Now there’s a practical and effective solution for wearers of contact lenses who want the same protection from the sun.

How do Transitions contact lenses work?

It's simple - wearing Transitions contact lenses means you may no longer need to carry a pair of sunglasses with you. Your Transitions contact lenses will help to protect your eyes from the sun – as well as aid your vision.

“Transitions contact lenses perform similarly to Transitions spectacle lenses – they react to sunlight and go darker when you’re in the sun,” says Bupa optometrist Karen Makin.

But it’s worth noting that this means more of your face is exposed to harmful UV light.

“Because you don’t have sunglasses on, the rest of the area around your eyes is now exposed to the sun,” she says. “Wearers should use sunscreen – avoiding the direct eye area, of course – and wear a hat when possible to better protect their face from the sun’s rays.”

Who can wear Transitions contact lenses?

They're ideal for active and outdoorsy types who love being out in the sun, says Makin. “They took off in America and they’ve taken off in Australia as well,” she says.

Now, some athletes who don’t even need a prescription are getting in on the action. “Cyclists and runners who may not want to wear sunglasses are getting Transitions contact lenses,” says Makin. “They’re getting them with no prescription, but with the Transitions technology built in, which helps with sunlight.”

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